Tall 6-panel byôbu 屏風 (room divider) with shôjô 猩猩

Price:  3.800,00

An amazing and tall six-panel Momoyama-style byôbu 屏風 (room divider) with a refined and very detailed painted scene from the Japanese folk tale ‘White Sake’; countless ecstatic shôjô 猩猩 party lavishly on the beach where booze flows richly. Shôjô are intelligent sea spirits with a red face and hair with an enormous fondness for alcohol.
This scene is extremely rarely found depicted, let alone so elaborately.

Showcasing a huge pot of sake – filled to the brim – from which the shôjô eagerly scoop and drink.
The drunken party continues over the entire shown coast while the alcohol is passed on in abundance, resulting in all sorts of goofy scenes. Every time you look there is something new to discover; Like a group dancing with white folding fans, a shôjô is balancing a sake cup on a long-handled sake ladle, filling cups with sake -one even larger than the other, and much more.

The scenes are surrounded by dense golden clouds, which is executed very uniquely in two different shades, one warm gold and the other in a shiny greenish shade.

Signed and sealed reading “Hakugasai Momoyama hitsu” 白鵞斎桃山筆.

Multi-coloured painting set on a gold leaf background. Mounted by two brocade silk borders, a thin dark golden one, and a broad navy blue one. Protected by a dark red lacquer frame.

Period: Japan – Edo Period (1600-1868)

Total width: 381.0 cm (2 x 64.9 cm, 4 x 62.8 cm); Height: 173.4 cm.

Considering its age of at least 200-250 years (maybe even older), it is in a good restored condition with traces of age and wear. For a clear condition reference, please take a close look at the (detail)photos.

It is unusually heavy, but still very suitable to be placed flat on the wall and be presented as one piece of art.

In summary, a critically ill man desired to drink sake before his passing. His son, in his quest near Mount Fuji, encountered red shōjō enjoying a drink by the shore. Upon hearing his story, the shōjō provided him with sake, which miraculously restored the father’s health. The son returned to the spirit for five consecutive days to fetch more sake. A covetous neighbor, after falling ill from the sake, demanded to meet the shōjō, hoping for a cure. The shōjō revealed that the neighbor’s impure intentions rendered the sacred sake harmful, not healing. After expressing remorse, the neighbor received a healing potion from the shōjō. Subsequently, the father and the neighbor collaborated to brew white sake.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : 211130-cw


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