Very large artwork by the artist Olivier de Coux (1968-2017)

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Very large artwork by the artist Olivier de Coux (1968-2017) depicting an abstract composition of geometric shapes on a black background. The shapes are very tightly drawn which contrasts nicely with the winding white/grey brushstrokes used to fill them.

Drawing/scale map, Industrial mixed technique, Paper mounted on plywood.

Height 200 cm, Width 100 cm, Depth 3.3 cm.
In a very good original condition. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

The reverse titled, dated and signed by hand by the artist:
Titled: ‘Resultat 1628’
Dated: 2012/13
Signed ‘de Coux.’
And inscribed ‘Atelier du Clos Brix, serie de Backker’.

The Belgium Gallery ‘De Backker’, Hoogstraten, had a close collaboration with the artist, even publishing an extensive catalogue about the artist. (Which is the source of the biography and photo of the artist).

The reverse side features a photograph of the initial installation, indicating that this artwork was one of a trio, apaired with three sculptures. The shapes depicted in the artwork represent a scaled map of the forms the artist had to cut out of steel to create the showcased sculpture. Making the artwork a 2D visualisation of a 3D model.

From a young age, Olivier de Coux’s passion for sculpture was palpable, evident in the sounds of his work echoing through his childhood bedroom. Despite a rejection from Paris’s École des Beaux Arts in 1991, he chose an unconventional path, immersing himself in the world of working artists rather than formal training. His artistic journey commenced with an exhibition in Saint Briac sur Mer in 1991, eventually leading to official recognition as a professional sculptor in 1995. Olivier’s studios ranged from a former electricity substation to an old mill, reflecting his nomadic yet deeply creative spirit.

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