Framed katagami

Price:  425,00

A framed katagami depicting 2 cranebirds “tsuru” by Nakamura Yujiro (1902-1985). This beautiful katagami is framed in a hardwood frame and had has a brocade passepartout. Embellished with a large blue silk tassel.
On the leaflet at the front and written text on the back the name of the artist and: Preserver of Important Intangible Cultural Properties, juyo mukei bunkazai重要無形文化財 and the date, december 12th, 1977.

Size: H. : 60.5 cm W. : 60.5 cm D. : 3.5 cm

Yujiro was an Ise-katagami artist from Mie prefecture .
Born into a family of katagami artists, Nakamura began helping his father Kanematsu with the business from the young age of 12.
He started learning the art of Ise-katagami from his father in 1915, after graduating high school.
In 1955, Nakamura was recognized as a Living National Treasure (Preserver of Important Intangible Cultural Properties, juyo mukei bunkazai重要無形文化財 ) for his work with Ise-katagami, and began training budding artists in 1963.

Nakamura dedicated his works to the Imperial Family on two occasions:
– To the (then) Crown Prince Akihito, current Emperor of Japan, in 1975;
– To Emperor Showa and the (then) Prince Naruhito, current Crown Prince, in 1980.

Katagami are the stencils used to create layers of design on traditional Japanese kimono.
The making of traditional katagami is quite labour intensive. First, multiple layers of thin washi paper are bonded together with a glue made from persimmon extract, resulting in a strong, flexible, brown-coloured paper.
The designs are cut by hand with a knife, and sometimes with shaped punches.

The art of making katagami is designated one of the Important Intangible Cultural Properties of Japan.

Ref. No. : 211211


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