Large 6-panel byôbu with birds & plants

Price:  2.200,00

Lovely large six-panel byôbu 屏風 (folding screen) covered with a series of six separate hanging scroll paintings 掛け軸 (kakejiku) depicting pairings of birds, plants and calligraphy (right to left):

1 & 2) a poem titled ‘cherry blossom’ 櫻 (sakura), with on the panel next to it a painting of a pigeon perched on a blooming cherry blossom tree with a rising sun in the background.
3 & 4) this poem is titled ‘Chinese peony’ 芍薬 (shakuyaku), paired with a painting of a fowl family of a rooster, hen and chick around a rock with large blooming peonies with some butterflies fluttering around.
5 & 6) and the last poem is titled ‘Autumn leaves’ 紅葉 (Momiji), matched with a painting of a pair of geese looking up to an maple tree with leaves in beautiful autumn colours.

The panels with calligraphy are sealed by the artists. The polychrome paintings are executed in the same style on a paper ground, mounted with a border of gold leaf speckled paper, surrounded by two more silk borders. The panels are protected by a black lacquer wooden frame with its original hardware.

It is in a good condition with traces of age, wear and restorations, like some paint loss at the bottom of the chickens, wear of the silk borders, and wear of the paper back. Please look at the photos for a clear impression of its condition.

Total width: 369.2 cm (2 x 62.4 cm and 4 x 61.1 cm); Height: 175.7 cm.
Period: Japan – Meiji period (1868-1912).

The room divider is ideal for mounting flat on a wall and presenting as a single work of art.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : B3010


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