Shunga book with 15 erotic paintings

Price:  700,00

Leporello illustration book filled with polychrome Toba-e 鳥羽絵 (caricatures style) shunga paintings. Shunga 春画 (literally “spring pictures”), is an erotic artistic tradition that emerged from early modern Japan, featuring graphic images of sexual activity. In total 15 paintings, 7 on one side, 8 on the other.

Every depiction of the couples is distinctive, with some being exceptionally creative and even very humorous.

In a very good condition with some traces of wear conform age, like browning/foxing. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

The covers with blue silk with a brown scrolling foliage design.

Height 14.1 cm, Width 18.2 cm, Depth 2.3 cm. Entire length approx. 304.9 cm.
Period: Japan – Taishô period (1912-1926).

Toba-e 鳥羽絵 is a style of Japanese painting that originated in the 12th century and is attributed to Toba Sôjô. The paintings were often humorous caricatures featuring animals performing human tasks. Although their popularity declined, Toba-e images had a lasting impact, especially in manga. Toba-e style paintings in the Edo period were known for their focus on comedy, simplicity, and precision of brushwork with crisp edges and organic shapes. The colours used were light and conservative.

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