Price:  8.800,00

A partly black lacquered iron Japanese suit-of-armor with dark blue cords and a two piece cuirass (kuro’urushinuri koni’ito nimai mogamidō gusoku).

A gilded peach-shaped helmet (momonarikabuto) with four neck-guards (shikoro) and a round gilded maedate.

Six-piece iron shoulder guards (sode) and arm guards covered with Japanese mail and vertical strips on blue brocade (shinokote). The black lacquered two-piece bucket-shaped cuirass has horizontal strips laced with vertical cords (nimai mogamidō) and at the back supports for a banner (sashimono). From the cuirass hangs a skirt of four-piece kusazuri with dark blue cords. Haidate that protect the upper legs are covered with vertical metal strips and Japanese mail over brocade and are decorated with a gilded sun. Vertical iron strips with Japanese mail (shinosuneate) protect the lower legs.

In a box for a suit-of-armour decorated with a red painted crest of two vertical placed hawk feathers inside a circle (maru ni narabi takanoha mon).

Ref. No. : N2364+81341


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