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A Japanese black lacquer suit-of-armour (yoroi) with orange and white cords, orange hem and a two-piece cuirass (kuro’urushinuri iroiro’ito hi’suso nimaidô tôsei gusoku).

The yoroi has a nice black lacquer ten-plate hoshi’kabuto-helmet. In front a pair of long kuwagata-antlers with in the middle a gilded round maedate. The helmet has two neck-guards (shikoro) laced with orange and white cords and finished with a multicoloured and orange hem. Decorative light ‘smoked leather’ covers its large back-bending fukikaeshi which are fitted with two small chrysanthemum-shaped (kiku) appliques. At the back of the helmet an golden tassel.

Accompanying the helmet is a black lacquer ‘angry man’-facial mask (resseibô) with gold lacquer teeth and a separate nose-piece. Below the mask a gold and black lacquer four-piece gorget (nodawa) laced with cords in the same colour scheme as the helmet.

Protecting the shoulders is a six-piece gold and black lacquered metal ô’sode. The sode have from the sides down and at the back golden silk cords with tassels. The lowest itazane-plate is fitted with gilded chrysanthemum-shaped appliques in relief.

The arms are protected by black lacquer vertical metal pieces connected by Japanese mail over a shiny purple brocade silk with a phoenix motif (shino’kote).

The two-piece bucket-shaped cuirass with vertical laced gold and black lacquer horizontal itazane-plates (mogami nimai’dô) has in front a pair of golden tassels and is bordered with a similar ‘smoked leather’. From the cuirass hangs a laced skirt in six-parts of five-piece kusazuri. Around the waist a brown silk waistband (uwa’obi).

The haidate that protect the upper legs consists of 2-sections of laced gold and black lacquer metal itazane-plates bordered by similar silk and ‘smoked leather’.

The tube-shaped grieves that protect the lower legs have vertical laced black lacquer metal pieces (do’suneate).

With a square black lacquered store-box for a suit-of armour (yoroi’bako). The front of the store-box decorated with the character mae 前 (“in front”) in gold. The Kanji “Mae” meaning “the first”; in other words: “I, who has priority above others”.

In a very good condition with some traces of age and wear. Please look at the photos for reference to its condition.

Height with box: approx.: 160 cm.
Shōwa period (1926-1989)
We include a wooden stand and an explanation how to put this armour on display.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : 212006


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