Yoroi red lacquered

Price:  4.850,00

A very beautiful and impressive dark red lacquered ōyoroi suit-of-armour with dark blue cords (kurenai’urushinuri kon’ito odoshi yoroi) in the style of the Japanese Middle Ages (Heian-Muromachi Period).

Large thirty-two plate hoshikabuto-helmet with large back bending fukikaeshi, kuwagata-antlers and in front a gilded carved wooden dragon maedate. The visor of the helmet and the fukikaeshi are decorated with ‘smoked leather’. At the back of the helmet is an orange tassel. With three large neck-guards (shikoro).

A red lacquered facial mask of an old man with a separate noose piece and a grey moustache (resseibō) from which hangs a three-piece gorget (nodowa). Large seven-piece ōsode with orange tassels protect the shoulders and Japanese mail (kusari) together with gourd-shaped pieces over grey coloured brocade the arms (fukubekote).

A two-piece cuirass of horizontal strips imitating vertical laced kozane-metal lamellae (kiritsuke kozanedō). The throat is also protected by an extra separate gorget. From the cuirass hangs in front a zendan-no-ita piece (partly covered with leather and below laced honkozane) and a kyūbi-no-ita piece (covered with leather). The cuirass has in front also two orange tassels and at the back a larger tassel. From the cuirass hang eight five-piece kusazuri. Large haidate consisting of horizontal laced red lacquered itazane lamellae protect the upper legs. The lower legs are protected with red lacquered tube-shaped dōsuneate. The ōyoroi is completed with “bear-skin” covered shoes. With an brocate waist-band. In a suit-of-armour chest.

Taisho – Showa Period.

Shipping and handeling not included.

Ref. No. : 92078


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