red lacquered suit-of-armour yoroi

Price:  3.400,00

A red lacquered suit-of-armour yoroi with a two-pieces cuirass (shū’urushinuri okegawa nimaidō gosoku).

A large hoshikabuto helmet with kuwagata-antlers combined with a dragon relief maedate and a large fukikaeshi decorated with smoked leather and at the back a large tassel.

Four large shikoro neckguards.

A brown lacquered old man facial mask (resseibō) with white moustache and a red lacquered four-piece gorget (nodowa).

Six-piece red lacquered sode with blue cords protect the shoulders.

The arms are covered with red lacquered shinokote with vertical metal strips and Japanese mail.

A brown bucket shaped two-piece cuirass (nimaidō) from which hang six five-piece kusazuri.

Large haidate with brocate and laced karuta metal pieces protect the upperlegs.

Suneate that protect the lower legs have vertical metal strips (shinosuneate).

With a waistband.

In a suit-of-armour box (yoroibako). Early Showa Period.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 71057


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