ōyoroi suit-of-armour

Price:  15.500,00

An iron large ōyoroi suit-of-armour with faded red cords and a two-piece cuirass (tetsu kurenai’ito odoshi dōmaru ōyoroi).A sixty-four plate sujikabuto helmet with four large neck-guards (shikoro) gilded at the inside and at the outside and small fukikaeshi decorated with smoked leather. The helmet has in front a metal maedate consisting of the characters: nanmu myōhō rengekyō (the invocation used by the Tendai school and later by Nichiren urging to rely on the Lotus sutra) written above a gorintō or five-tier pagoda (symbolising the five elements and adopted by the Shingon- and Tendai schools of Japanese Buddhism).A black lacquered ‘‘old manfacial mask with a separate noose piece and a grey mustache and a goatee beard (resseibō) and a four-piece gorget (yodarekake). Large and broad seven-piece sode protect the shoulders. The arms show Japanese mail and metal gourd pieces (fukubekote) over brown brocate protection. The two-piece cuirass (nimaidō) consisting of vertical laced gilded itazane plates (kurenai haramaki). From the cuirass hangs a skirt of seven five-piece kusazuri (shichimagodan). In front of the cuirass hangs (left) a sendan no ita(satinwood-board”, with cords) and (right) a kyûbi no ita (dovetail-board”, with leather), both have the 5-7-5 paulownia crest (goshichikiri mon of Warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi, 1537-1598).Large haidate with laced vertical metal plates and Japanese mail over brocate protect the upper legs. The greaves consist of vertical metal strips with Japanese mail (shinosuneate). In a box for a suit-of-armour (yoroibako). Edo Period.

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Ref. No. : 92181-92415pr


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