ōyoroi suit-of-armour

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A vermillion-red lacquered ōyoroi suit-of-armour with white cords (hi’urushinuri shiro’ito odoshi yoroi) in the style of the Japanese Middle Ages (Heian-Muromachi Period).

Large eight plate sujikabuto-helmet with large back bending fukikaeshi, kuwagata-antlers and between the antlers a gilded round maedate with the Oda’uri crest (a stylized musk melon flower) used by warlord Oda Nobunaga (1534-1582). The fukikaeshi are decorated with ‘smoked leather’. The helmet has two large neck-guards (shikoro). A red lacquered facial mask of an old man face with a separate noose piece and a white moustache (resseibō) from which hangs a four-piece gorget (nodowa). Large eight-piece ōsode with white cords and a red hem and yellow tassels protect the shoulders and Japanese mail (kusari) together with vertical metal pieces over brocade the arms (shinokote).

A two-piece cuirass with horizontal itazane-metal lamellae (mogamidō).

In front of the cuirass hang two tassels and below a kusazuri-skirt in six parts, each consisting of five-pieces with white cords. The cuirass has in front a large gold lacquered Oda’uri crest. Large haidate with laced red lacquered metal karuta- plates protect the upper legs. The lower legs are protected with red lacquered three-piece tube-shaped dōsuneate. With an bright coloured brocate waist-band.

In a suit-of-armour chest decorated with the gold lacquer Oda’uri crest.

Taisho-Showa Period.

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Ref. No. : 92013


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