Momoyama period suit-of-armor

Price:  12.500,00

Momoyama period suit-of-armor with an early Edo period kabuton: Black lacquered with dark blue cords and a two-piece cuirass (kuro’urushinuri kon’ito nimaido tosei gosoku).
A zunari-kabuto helmet with three neck-guards (shikoro) and in front large crescent moon maedate. A black facial mask covering the jaw and the chin (tsubakurobo) from which hangs a five piece gorget (nodowa). The shoulders are protected by six-piece sode and the arms with Japanese mail and gilded gourd pieces over cream coloured brocade with floral scroll design (fukubekote). The front of the kabuto has some lacquer missing. Please see picture.
Two-piece cuirass with horizontal itazane-plates vertically laced with green cords (nimaido). From the cuirass hangs a gilded six-part five-piece kusazuri-skirt. The haidate that protect the upper legs have Japanese mail and gilded vertical metal strips over similar coloured brocade. The suneate that protect the lower legs show gilded vertical metal pieces (shinosuneate). At the back of the cuirass are hooks for a flagpole (sashimono). In a box for a suit-of-armour decorated with the Nabeshima apricot flower and leaves crest (hanagyoyo mon) in gold makie-lacquer. The Nabeshima Fief was situated in today Saga Province in Kyushu.
Momoyama Periode, the helmet is early Edo with a later date maedate.
Complete with Brown leather eboshinari-kabuto helmet with a black hood (kurozukin) decorated in white with the apricot flower and leaves crest (hanagyoyo mon) of the Nabeshima Fief (Kyushu) over a purple dress.Has moth holes, but has been extensively treated against all kind of moths. In a box decorated with the Nabeshima crest in gold makie-lacquer. Please note that this armor has one yoroi bako box. We used the same box twice to show the rare extra textile belongings in a well presented manner.

Height including box circa: 155 cm

Stand is included.

When shipping we will add a certificate of authenticity with this valuable item, plus an explanation and advice how to set up the armor.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 93477


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