Magnificent samurai Japanese suit-of-arms

Price:  13.000,00

Magnificent Japanese suit-of-arms (yoroi) with a two-piece cuirass consisting of hexagonal-shaped plates with red cords (akaito kikkōzane nimaidō gusoku).

It has a rare large foldable kabuto-helmet with five neckguards (shikoro) decorated with smoked leather.

A maedate with 3 leaves.

A facial mask with the face of an old man with brown moustache and a noose piece (resseibō) and a four-piece gorger (nodowa). Five-piece small sode protect the shoulders and large metal plates and Japanese mail over brocade protect the arms (shinokote).

The cuirass consists of hexagonal plates connected by Japanese mail at the top, decorated with smoked leather.

The cuirass shows in front the fan-crest of the helmet and two red tassels.

Two red tassels hang also from the back.

From the cuirass hang six five-piece kusazuri laced with red cords.

The hip-pieces (haidate) are protected with mail over crème coloured brocade. Vertical strips protect the lower legs (shinosuneate).

With a suit-of-arms store box (yoroibako).
Mid-Edo Period.

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Ref. No. : 61112


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