Japanese suit-of-armor

Price:  16.500,00

A partly black lacquered iron Japanese suit-of-armor with dark blue cords and a five piece cuirass (kuro’urushinuri koni’ito gomaidō gusoku).

A black lacquered sujikabuto-helmet, its fukikaeshi decorated with “smoked leather”; in front gilded connected kawabata-antlers and in between a round sun-maedate with a cut-out ‘moon’. The helmet has a red tassel at the back. Four neck-guards (shikoro) protect the neck. Both fukikaeshi have a gilded crest consisting of two stylised holly osmanthus leaves (hiiragi, also:, holly olive or false holly, Osmanthus heterophyllus, a shrub native to Taiwan and central and southern Japan) bending towards each other (dakihiiragi mon). The helmet is at the inside dated: Tenbun 11 (1542) and signed: ‘made by Yoshihisa’. This Yoshihisa is an earlier metalsmith from the Myōchin family and should not be confused with Myōchin Yoshihisa (?-1664). The Rekishi Bijutsukan (Historical Art Museum) in Sasayama Town (Tanba Province) has a cuirass made by him and dated 1527.

A black lacquered ‘old-man’ facial mask with separate noose piece (resseibō) and a four piece gorget (nodowa). Six piece shoulder guards (sode) and arm pieces covered with Japanese mail and vertical strips on yellow brocade (shinokote).

The iron five piece bucket-shaped cuirass with horizontal metal strips (yokohama okegawa gomaidō) has at the back supports for a banner (sashimono). In front of the cuirass hang from the shoulder straps two “apricot leaves” (gyōyō) that have the same holly osmanthus leaves crest. The cuirass has in front two rings for tassels. From the cuirass hangs a skirt of five-piece kusazuri with dark blue cords and an orange hem that protects the lower body as do the two cuisses (haidate) that are covered with small iron karuta-plates laced together with dark blue cords. Suneate with metal strips over Japanese mail protect the lower legs (shinosuneate).

In a box for a suit-of-armour (yoroibako).

Ref. No. : 83321


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