Japanese black- &’russet iron’-lacquered ô’yoroi

Price:  4.800,00

An amazing all-matching Japanese black- &’russet iron’-lacquered ô’yoroi (great suit-of-armour) with orange cords, a multicoloured and orange hem (kuro’urushinuri hi’ito hi’suso maru’dô tôsei gusoku) with an impressive maedate (decorative front piece) .

– 16-plate hoshi’bachi ‘russet iron’ kabuto (helmet with domed rivets) fitted with gilt metal and bronze fittings and surmounted by a refined gilt- and silver metal maedate shaped like a fierce oni (demon) with very long kuwagata-antlers emerging from his head as his own.
Large 5-tiered chrysanthemum-shaped tehen’no’kanamono (decorative apex fitting), orange silk age’maki (decorative tassel), and 3-tiered black lacquer ‘hon’kozane’-plate shikoro (neck guards) transcending into very wide back-bending fukikaeshi (face guards) covered with light decorative ‘smoked leather’ and fitted with chrysanthemum-shaped appliques.
– ‘Russet iron’-lacquered ‘angry man’-facial mask (resseibô) with a separate nose-piece featuring a bushy brown moustache, and a 2-tiered black lacquered ‘hon’kozane’-plate gorget (yodare’kake). -lacquer craquelé on inside’-
– Throat guard (nodawa), 2-tiers of ‘hon’kozane’-plates hanging from a ‘smoked leather’ border.
– Sode (shoulder guards), ô-type, constructed with 6 laced ‘hon’kozane’-plate’ -plates, fitted with reticulated gilt metal hardware, and adorned with orange silk cords with decorative tassels.
– Kote (bracer), rare yoshitsune-type, two large black lacquer metal plates with bronze details protect the upper- and lower arm connected by kaushi-gusari (Japanese mail), the D-shaped tekkô (hand guards) and protective elbow discs shaped like a chrysanthemum flower. Placed over écru brocade silk with an intricate fan design.
– Dô (cuirass), maru-type; cuirass constructed with no hinges and laced rows of black lacquered ‘hon’kozane’-plates bordered by light decorative ‘smoked leather’. The backside with a very large orange silk age’maki. From the shoulders hang a matching set of a sendannoita (‘satinwood-board’) and a kyûbinoita (dovetail-board).
Hanging from the bottom is a 8(!)-parts of 5-piece ‘hon’kozane’-plate kusazuri (tassets).
– Haidate (thigh armour) of 5-rows of black lacquered ‘hon’kozane’-plates laced with matching silk and leather borders.
– Suneate (shin guards), Edo period tsubo-type, with greatly protruding wing-like metal tateage (knee guards). The plates are connected by hinges. -Some wear silk backside-
– Kegutsu (fur shoes) of brown ‘boar’-skin with a silk border and a blue cotton hem and an orange cord.

Complete with a large rectangular black lacquered store-box for an ô’yoroi (kara’bitsu) raised by 6 spreading feet.

Approx. dimensions:
Total height 173.5 cm
Storage box: Height 61.5 cm, Width 81 cm, Depth 63 cm.

Period: Japan – Mid-Shôwa period (Mid-20th century).

Considering its age in a very good original condition with minimal traces of age and wear. Please look at the photos for a clear condition reference.

We include a wooden stand and an explanation how to put this armour on display. When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : C2053


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