Gold lacquered Oyoroi suit-of armour

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Gold lacquered Oyoroi suit-of armour with red cords (kin’urushinuri kurenai’ito odoshi dômaru)
Iron thirty-two plate riveted hoshikabuto-helmet, in front large connected kuwagata-antlers and a wooden dragon maedate and large fukikaeshi decorated with ‘smoked leather’. The neck guards except one free neck guard, consist of connected shikoro that end in the fukikaeshi. Iron ‘old man’ resseibô facial mask with a three piece gorget (nodowa) and below an extra two piece nodowa. Seven piece sode with extra cords protect the shoulders and kote with gilded metal gourd pieces and Japanese mail over brocate the arms (fukubekote).
Two piece cuirass with vertical laced kozane-plates (nimaidô) with tassels and in front a sendannoita (“satinwood-board”, with cords) and a kyûbinoita (“dovetail-board”, with leather). From the cuirass hangs eight-parts five-piece kusazuri skirt. Large haidate with below laced gilded kozane plates and above brocade. Tube shaped greaves (dosuneate) with above a ‘wing’ shaped daitateage part protect the lower legs. With ‘boar’ skin shoes. In original square yoroi store-box signed at the side: Kônin. Kônin of the Kôzandô in Tokyo specializes in de reproduction of historical Japanese armour. The shop is today active under the name: The Samurai Store.

Height including box: 168 cm.

Taisho – Early Showa Period.

Ref. No. : 83335


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