Gilded suit-of-armour

Price:  13.500,00

Gilded suit-of-armour (yoroi) with indigo cords (kon’ito kin’urushinuri nimaidō gusoku).

A black zunarikabuto-helmet, in front with a large gilded sun maedate and ‘smoked leather’ covered small fukikaeshi.

Four gilded neck guards (shikoro).

A black facial mask that covers the chin and the jaws (sarubō) and a four-piece gilded gorget (nodowa).

Gilded six piece sode protect the shoulders.

Black Japanese mail with gourd pieces over black brocate with dragonflies motives cover the arms (fukubekote).

A two piece cuirass, above gilded breast plate (muna’ita) and below laced with blue cords koshitori and a skirt of six four- piece gilded kusuzari.

The cuirass has at the back cords to fasten a banner.

The haidate on the thights and the upper legs have Japanese mail with some gilded vertical metal pieces over black brocate with dragonflies.

Black metal vertical strips protect the lower legs (shinosuneate).

In a black chest for a suit-of-armour (yoroibitsu).

Edo period.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 83218sp


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