Gilded colourful suit of armour

Price:  9.500,00

Gilded suit-of-armour (yoroi) with green, white, brown, orange and blue cords (iroiro’ito odoshi nimaido gusoku)

Sixty-four-plate iron sujikabuto-helmet with small black lacquered fukikaeshi and four neck-guards (shikoro) with blue cords. An old man facial mask with grey moustache (resseibo) and below the mask a three piece black lacquered gorget (nodowa) with blue cords. Seven-piece small sode protect the arms and kote with dark red lacquered metal strips, Japanese mail and metal strips over brocade (shinokote). Two piece cuirass with gilded vertical laced itazane plates and at the back a large tassel. The cuirass has a separate six-part five-piece kusazuri skirt connected with cords to the cuirass. Large haidate with seven vertical laced itazane plates and above indigo fabric. Shinosuneate with dark red vertical metal strips connected with Japanese mail protect the lower legs. In a suit-of-armour box (yoroibako).

Late Edo Period.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 92197-93474-93471


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