Exceptional Oyoroi black suit-of-armour

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Price:  16.500,00

An exceptional Japanese suit-of-armour: a black lacquered oyoroi with black cords and an orange hem (kuro’urushinuri kuro’ito hisuso odoshi oyoroi).

A twenty-eight plate sujikabuto-helmet with large smoked leather covered fukigaeshi; at the back an orange tassel; two-piece neck-guards (shikoro) and in front connected kuwagata-antlers and in between a heart-shaped metal maedate. The fukigaeshi show a halve round crest with one beam (hanmaruwa ni hitohiki mon). A black facial mask covering the jaw and the chin (tsubakurobo) from which hangs a two piece gorget (nodowa). Large six-piece shoulder guards (sode) with orange tassels. The arm guards (kote) are protected with black lacquered metal pieces over brocade (dokote) decorated with a dragon design.The upper part of the two-piece bucket-shaped cuirass (yokohama okegawa nimaido) is bordered with ‘smoked leather‘ and has an orange tassel at the back. In front of the cuirass hang two small “almond eaves” (gyoyo). From the cuirass hangs eight sections five-piece kusazuri. The greaves that fall over the upper legs have laced metal kuruta-pieces (karutagane haidate). With lower leg protection consisting of vertical metal plates (shinosuneate) and have boar-skin shoes. The oyoroi comes in a square black store-box for a suit-of-armour (yoroibako). Early Meiji period, 1868-1880.

Ref. No. : 93511


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