Edo Period Suit-of-armour Yoroi

Price:  16.500,00

Early Edo Suit-of-armour with indigo cords (tetsu kon’ito mogamidô gusoku), with 62 plate Muromachi Period helmet.

Iron suit-of-armour with indigo cords (tetsu kon’ito mogamidô gusoku – Early Edo period) Iron sixty-two plate sujikabuto helmet (Muromachi Period) with gilded small fukikaeshi, four gilded neck guards (shikoro) and kuwagata-antlers placed at the sides of the helmet (wakidate), in front of the helmet an iron maedate in the shape of the kuwagata. Dark red lacquered facial mask with a separate noose-piece showing the expression of an old man (resseibō), below the mengu-mask is a gorget with Japanese mail over brocade. The arms are protected with kote with vertical metal strips and Japanese mail (shinokote). At the shoulder part of the kote is a small family crest of three rhombic shapes over each other in relief (sangaibishi mon) of the Ogasawara clan of the Awa Fief. Two piece Mogami cuirass with vertical laced itazane plates (nimaidô), in front and at the back a gold lacquered sun. The back has a support for a flagpole (sashimono). From the cuirass hangs a six part five-piece kusazuri skirt with gilded itazane plates and indigo cords. The haidate that protect the upper legs has nailed black lacquered metal kurata-pieces, above asa-cloth. The greaves are shinosuneate. In a store-box for a suit-of-armour (yoroibako) with the sangaibishi crest in red. Kabuto-helmet: Muromachi Period; suit-of-armour: early Edo period.

Height including box: 164 cm.

Ref. No. : 93476


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