Impressive suit of armor

Price:  22.000,00

A Japanese black lacquered ôyoroi suit-of-armour with dark blue cords and a two piece cuirass (kuro’urushinuri kon’ito nimaidô gosoku).
A sixty-four plate suji-kabuto helmet with at the sides exceptional large gilded wooden kuwagata antlers (wakidate kuwagata), gilded small fukikaeshi and in front a gilded mandate in the shape of an open folding fan (ôgi). At the back of the helmet an orange tassel. The helmet has three neck-guards with an orange hem (shikoro). A black lacquered two piece ‘old man’ facial mask with a white moustache (resseibô), from the mask hangs a rather small gorget (nodosa).  The shoulders are protected with seven-piece sode with an orange hem. Kote with Japanese mail (kusari) and below gilded vertical metal strips and gilded ‘hand-shoes’ (shinokote) protect the arms.
A two-piece “bucket-shaped” cuirass (okegawa nimaidô) with vertical laced plates (tatehagi itazane). In front of the cuirass hang two tassels and at the back a large tassel. In front of the cuirass hang to the left and the right two orange tassels. At the back of the cuirass is a hook. From the cuirass hangs a skirt of seven five-piece kusazuri with an orange hem. The cuisses (haidate) that protect the upper legs are covered with Japanese mail and gilded metal plates. Tube shaped gilded suneate protect the lower legs. In transparent lacquered store-box (yoroibako).The bottom of the store-box is dated and signed: made mid-winter of the year Bunkyû 3 (1863), signed: Katô Heishirô. The various parts of the yoroi were made under supervision of Iwanami Bundayû; with the names of the maker of armour, of the cuirass, the store-box and the lacquerer.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 202751X


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