Dark brown lacquered suit-of-arms

Price:  5.900,00

Dark brown lacquered suit-of-arms (yoroi)  with dark green cords (okegawa nimaidō tōsei gosoku).

  • A large twelve-piece helmet (jūniken sujibakuto) with three-piece neckguards (shikoro) and in front a gilded maedate in the shape of antlers.
  • The fukikaeshi show a gilded crest (maru ni shihō kenhanabishi mon).
  • A black facial mask (sarubō) with a four-piece gorger (nodowa).
  • The two-piece bucket-shaped cuirass with horizontal plates (okegawamaidō).
  • At the back are rings to support a flagpole.
  • From the cuirass hang six five-piece kusazuri with green cords.
  • The shoulders are protected with five-piece sode.
  • The arms show Japanese mail and tsubo-shaped plates (tsubokote).
  • Vertical strips protect the lower legs (shinosuneate).
  • In original unrestored condition.
  • With a suit-of-arms store box (yoroibako). Edo Period.

Shipping and handling to included.

Ref. No. : 15086


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