Black lacquered suit-of armour

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A black lacquered suit-of armour with dark blue cords and a two-piece bucket shaped cuirass (kuro’urushinuri kon’ito nimaidō gusoku).

Dark redbrown lacquered twelve plate sujikabuto helmet with large back bending fukikaeshi decorated with a mokkō flower crest (goka ni karahana mon, slightly different from the Odamokkō crest of Warlord Oda Nobunaga). The helmet has three neck-guards (shikoro) consisting of (rather unusual) individual (with black cords) laced small kozane-plates. In front of the helmet is a large gold lacquered sun- and (cresent) moon maedate.

A black facial mask that cover the chin (tsubakurobō) with a three-piece gorget (nodowa). The shoulder are protected by eight-piece tsubosode that are fasthened to the kote that protect the arms. Hinges in the sodeenables them to cover the kote closely. The kote are covered by Japanese mail and mail connected metal plates over dark brown brocate (dōkote). Two-piece bucket shaped cuirass (okegawa nimaidō), the hem decorated with so-called smoked leather, has in front a separate munatori-piece of three laced itazane plates. In front two hooks and one orange tassel. At the back of the cuirass is above a hook to lift  and carry the cuirass. The lower part of the cuirass consists of black lacquered horizontal yokohagi itazane plates. From the cuirass hangs a kusazuri-skirt of seven five-piece laced ita plates (shichimagodan). The haidate that protects the upper legs have below laced small hexagonal black lacquered metal plates. The greaves for the lower legs have vertical metal strips (shinosuneate). In a black box for a suit-of-armour (yoroibako).

Late Edo period

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Ref. No. : 92087+81342


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