Black lacquered suit-of-armour

Price:  14.500,00

Black lacquered suit-of-armour with faded blue cords and a hotoke cuirass (kuro’urushinuri hotoke rokumaidō gusoku).

A twenty-four plate sujikabuto-helmet with three large neck-guards and smoked leather covered fukikaeshi. At the back a large tassel and in front a wooden three gilded iris-leaves shōbu maedate. A black lacquer wooden facial mask with a large pointed noose piece (tengubō, a tengu is a mythological being with a large noose that sometimes resembles the beak of a bird of prey). From the mask hangs a three piece wooden black lacquered gorget (nodowa). Below the gorget is a second three-piece gorget also from lacquered wood. The shoulders have small five-piece sode. The protection of the arms consists of tube-shaped plates (sandōkote) and, above, Japanese mail over brocate. A six piece black lacquered plain plate cuirass (hotoke rokumaidō), at the back with a large tassel. From the cuirass hangs a kusazuri-skirt in six parts, each with five ita pieces (rokumagodan). Large haidate with above brocate with dragon design and below laced black lacquered karuta-pieces. The tube-shaped greaves consists of three laced black lacquered parts (dōsuneate).

With a box for a suit-of-armour dated at the bottom: Ansei 4 (1858). Late Edo Period.

Shipping and handling not included.


Ref. No. : 92413


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