Black lacquered ōyoroi

Price:  3.100,00  2.800,00

A Japanese suit-of-armor: a black lacquered ōyoroi with light green, vermillion and orange cords (kuro’urushinuri iroiro odoshi ō-yoroi).
An eight plate cone-shaped kakinominari (‘kaki-fruit shaped’) sujikabuto-helmet with large smoked leather covered back bending fukigaeshi; at the back an orange tassel; four-piece neck-guards (shikoro) and in front large kuwagata antlers with in between. A maedate with the family crest (mon) with a quince flower inside a rhombic (hishi ni mokkô mon). With a black lacquered facial mask of an angry older man with a moustache and a separate noose piece (resseibō), from the mask hangs a three-piece gorget (nodawa). Large shoulder guards (sode) with orange tassels. The arm guards (kote) are protected with black lacquered metal strips over brocade (shinokote). The upper part of the two-piece bucket-shaped cuirass (yokohama okegawa nimaidō) is bordered with ‘smoked leather‘ and has in front orange tassels. In front of the cuirass is the gold make quince crest. Above the cuirass hang two “almond leaves” (gyôyô) From the cuirass hang six sections of kusazuri with vermillion and green cords and an orange hem. The greaves that fall over the upper legs have laced metal kuruta-pieces (karutagane haidate). With lower leg protection consisting of laced vertical metal plates (dôsuneate). The ōyoroi comes in a store-box for a suit-of-armor (yoroibako) and shows the same quince crest. The family crest are all matching, on the maedate, the do-breast piece and the box (yoroi bako). On the Do somewhat faded but overal in very nice original condition – Showa period.
Height with box: approx.: 160 cm.
The wooden stand and an explanation how to put this armor on display will be added. We will issue a certificate of authenticity.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 202053x


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