Black lacquered Japanese suit of armour Edo period

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An antique, black lacquered Japanese suit of armour (yoroi) laced with navy blue, and white cords and purple hems, and a 2-piece cuirass (kuro’urushinuri iroiro’ito murasaki’suso nimai’dô tôsei gusoku) featuring rare parts.
A marriage of pieces with high-quality re-furbishing, brocade and lacing, to form a harmonious and unified set.

– 32-plate ‘russet iron’ ko’boshi kabuto (helmet with small seated rivets) mounted by a rare gilded wooden maedate (decorative front piece), diamond-shaped with canted corners, featuring a crest of stylized arched kanji 漢字 (Chinese characters).
7-tiered chrysanthemum-shaped tehen’no’kanamono (decorative apex fitting), 4-tiered black lacquered ‘kiritsuke kozane’-plate shikoro (neck guards), a green silk agemaki (decorative tassel) and small black lacquered fukikaeshi (face guards).
– ‘Russet iron’ ‘Angry man’-facial mask (resseibô) with brown moustache, gold lacquered teeth, separate nose-piece, pair of orekugi (helmet cord tying hooks), ‘ase nagashi no ana’ (sweat running hole), and 4-tiered ‘kiritsuke kozane’-plate gorget (yodarekake).
– Sode (shoulder guards), tôsei-type, constructed with 5 rows of slightly arched ‘kiritsuke kozane’-plates fitted with reticulated brass plates with a chrysanthemum (kiku) motif.
– Kote (bracer), hisago-type 瓠 (bottle gourd), constructed with various black lacquered pieces connected by Japanese mail (kaushi-gusari), some of these pieces are in the shape of bottle gourds, hence the name. The hand guards (tekko) decorated with a design of different flower emblems in relief. This whole is placed over dark blue-gold brocade silk with a flower motif.
With a rare feature! These bracers are connected by elegant blue silk, creating a sort of bolero jacket
– Dô (cuirass), mogami-type, constructed with rows of black lacquered ‘kiritsuke iyozane’-plates, fitted with a pair of cord rings in front, and the back with various fittings to place a flag (sagemono): hook (gattari) and support for a flag-pole (ukezutsu).
Hanging from the cuirass 7-parts of 5-piece ‘kiritsuke kozane’-plate kusazuri (tassets). Around the waist a cord uwa’obi (waist band).
– Haidate (thigh armour), etchû-type, small lacquered plates, oblong and kiku-shaped, connected by Japanese mail.
– Suneate (shin guards), shino-type, long metal plates connected by Japanese mail with a blue tateage (knee guards) and en-suite fabric.

Including a square brown lacquered store-box for a suit-of armour (yoroi’bako) with iron ‘pole carrying’-handles.
A side equipped with four rings. These where used to make a rig for the samurai’s attendant to carry this box as a back-pack! The wooden plaque with the opening in between was made to make the load a bit more comfortable.

Considering its age in a very good condition with general traces of wear conform age, like lacquer loss. Ears helmet restored. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

Approx. height with box: 160 cm.
Period: Japan – Late Edo period (First half 19th century).

We include a wooden stand and an explanation how to put this armour on display. When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : B4402


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