black lacquered Japanese suit-of-armor

Price:  3.600,00

A black lacquered Japanese suit-of-armor with red cords and a two piece cuirass (kuro’urushinuri kurenaii’ito nimaidō gusoku).

An eight plate sujikabuto-helmet with an orange tassel at the back and in front combined kawagata-antlers and a round sun maedate with a cresent moon. The helmet has three neck-guards (shikoro). A facial mask with separate nose piece and a white moustache (resseibō) and a three-piece gorget (nodowa). Six-piece sode protect the shoulders and laced together vertical metal strips over gold brocade with bamboo motive the arms. A two-piece bucket shaped cuirass with horizontal metal strips (yokohama okegawa nimaidō) has in front a small crest depicting a cross inside a circle (maru ni jūnoji mon). (Noble families that had adopted the original Christian cross for their crests as did Shimazu Yoshihisa (1533-1611), the Warlord of Kyūshū of the Satsuma-clan, where allowed to keep their crest although the Christian religion was during the Edo-Period forbidden by the shogunate). The cuirass is lined at the inside with brocade with folding fan motives. The cuirass has at the back an orange tassel. From the cuirass hangs a skirt with five-piece kusazuri with red cords. Haidate covers with vertical laced metal strips over brocade protect the upper legs. Vertical black metal strips over gold brocade (shinosuneate) protect the lower legs.

Taisho period.

In a square box for a suit-of-armour (yoroibako).

Ref. No. : 91352


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