A large gilded suit-of-armour ōyoroi (hi’ito odoshi yoroi)

Price:  7.800,00

A top quality large gilded ōyoroi with orange cords (hi’ito odoshi yoroi). A large hoshikabuto-helmet with gilded parts, large fukikaeshi decorated with ‘smoked leather’ and openwork dragon crests; in front large connected kuwagata-antlers and a maedate in the shape of a Buddhist sword (sankotsukaken), the sword
of King of Wisdom Fudō myōō who subdues all evil. The helmet has four neck guards (shikoro) and at the back an orange tassel. A dark brown facial mask
with the face of grim looking old man with separate noose piece and ear pieces (resseibō). A four-piece gorget (nodowa). Large seven-piece sode with orange cords protect the shoulders. Japanese mail and gilded gourd pieces over brocate protect the arms (fukubekote). The two-piece cuirass is in front decorated with ‘smoked leather’ and has at the back laced honkozane and a large orange tassel. Below the nodowa and covering the upper part of the cuirass hangs a second nodowa: a semi-circular two-piece laced collar. On the cuirass hangs a sendan- no-ita with orange cords (hi’ito odoshi) (right) and a ‘dove-tail’ piece (kyūbi-no-
ita) with “leather” (left) that protects against arrows. From the cuirass hangs a square skirt of four five-piece kusazuri (one piece hangs from a plate covering
the place where the cuirass is closed). Haidate with laced gold lacquered metal strips protect the upper legs, gilded cylindrical suneate with a tateage knee-piece protect the lower legs (dōsuneate), boar skin cover its shoes. In a large square plain wooden chest on feet for a suit-of-armour (yoroibitsu). The ōyoroi is an elaborate modern version of an ōyoroi used by the aristocracy during the civil wars of the Nanbokuchō period (14th century). Early Showa Period.


Ref. No. : 83343


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