Sword stand 刀掛け (katana’kake)

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Gold and black nashiji lacquer 梨子地 wooden sword stand 刀掛け (katana’kake) for three swords decorated with silver appliques: the deity Jurôjin 寿老人 accompanied by a deer, is greeted by three different figures holding unique attributes. Like a karako (Chinese child) clasping onto a Chinese fan. This scene is surrounded by dense nashiji clouds.

The back is decorated with a pair of crabs and an angelfish.

Decorating a katana stand in this way is extremely rare.

We think the appliques are made of silver as it has all the features of it. But we can’t guarantee it as we don’t have the proper testing equipment.

The katana’kake is in a very good condition with only some minor traces of age and wear. Please take a close look at one of the appliques with a bit of glue residue. For a clear general condition reference, please look at the photos as well.

Taishō period (1912-1926).

Height 42.6 cm, Width 45.4 cm, Depth 17.4 cm.

In Japan, Jurōjin (寿老人) is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune or Shichifukujin, according to Taoist beliefs. He is the god of longevity. Jurōjin walks with a staff and a fan. He is depicted as an old man of slight stature. He is depicted with a long white beard and often a very tall, bald head. He has a scroll tied to his staff, on which is written the lifespan of all living things. The scroll is sometimes identified as a Buddhist sutra. The deer, a symbol of longevity, usually (but not always) accompanies him as a messenger, as do other long-lived animals such as the crane and the tortoise. (From Wikipedia)

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : B1003


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