Set of two antique samurai dolls

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Set of two antique samurai dolls 武者人形 (Musha ningyô) in brocade silk kimono:

One of them is in the shape of Emperor Jimmu 神武天皇 (Jinmu’tennô), the First emperor of Japan, grandson of the sun goddess Amaterasu, ancestor of all Japanese emperors. He would have lived around 600 BC.
He is wearing a gold coloured ‘courtier hat’ (eboshi) and a large light brown kimono with a discrete chrysanthemum design. Long katana at his side. He has expressive noble-like features with a long black beard and moustache, and its eyes inlaid with glass. The soft skin of the head is created by applying repeated layers of the pigment called gofun 胡粉, which is the refined powder of the itabo oyster (Ostrea denselamellosa).

The elderly samurai doll is known as Takenouchi no Sukune 武内宿禰 (a legendary Japanese hero-statesman of the 1st century, and a Shinto kami). He wears a similar garments as the emperor, but doesn’t have a sword.

Both in a sitting stance and placed on a black lacquered base.

Period: Japan – Late Edo period (First half 19th century).

Considering their age, the dolls and the costumes are in a good original condition with traces of age and wear. Please take a close look at the neck of the emperor. For a clear condition reference, please look at the photos.

Dimensions noble samurai:
Height 38 cm, Width 21.2 cm, Depth 13.3 cm.
Dimensions retainer:
Height 38 cm, Width 21.2 cm, Depth 13.3 cm.

Musha ningyô were displayed during Boy’s day. May 5 marks tango no sekku, which in Japan is also known as Boys’ Day. In Japan, the focus of tango no sekku was traditionally on male children, with decorations and specially prepared dishes intended to ensure that sons grew into healthy and prosperous adults. The emphasis broadened to include both boys and girls when the day was adopted as the national holiday Children’s Day in 1948. (From Nippon.com)

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : B4497


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