Black yazutsu 矢筒

Price:  420,00

Black yazutsu 矢筒 (quiver) complete with 8 bamboo arrows. The quiver is completely covered by a black lacquered mesh. The removable lid can be fastened by a purple silk string ending in two tassels.

The average length of the arrows is around 92 cm.
The arrow holder, including the lid is 98,5 cm long, and has a diameter of Ø 5.9 cm.

One arrow misses its feathers, and two arrows miss their metal tip. In good original unrestored condition. Please check pictures.

Meiji period (1868-1912).

Yazutsu (lit. the “[Japanese] Arrow Barrel”) is a type of arrow quiver used in kyūdō, Japanese archery, using the Japanese longbow, the Yumi. As kyūdō ya (arrows) are quite long, the yazutsu is quite long compared to quivers from other styles of archery. Traditional yazutsu are made of cloth/satin or leather, modern ones are often made of synthetic material. They are often decorated with cord. In kyūdō the yazutsu is generally just used to carry the arrows to the dōjō. Once in the dōjō, they are held in the hand or placed on the ground for actual nocking and shooting. (From Wikipedia)

Ref. No. : 211092


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