A high quality set of three antique samurai dolls

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A high quality set of three antique samurai dolls 武者人形 (Musha ningyô) in full armour.

Emperor Ôjin 応神天皇 (Ôjin Tenpô) wears an impressive brocade kamishimo 裃 (samurai costume) above which some golden elements of a yoroi (suit-of-armour).
An impressive kabuto (helmet) with golden details mounted by a golden dragon-maedate adorns his immaculately done hair. In his hand he holds a saihai (Japanese commander’s baton) and a long bow (yumi), and on his side a long katana in a ‘deer fur’- sheath. His head is painted with elegant noble-like features and its eyes inlaid with glass. The soft skin is created by applying repeated layers of the pigment called gofun 胡粉, which is the refined powder of the itabo oyster (Ostrea denselamellosa). He sits on a separate camping chair.

At his side two retainers, one kneeling and the other standing. Although, a bit less elaborate, the samurai still wears a luxurious silk brocade outfit with yoroi-elements. Both with a distinctive expression on their face and a more pink complexion. They wear a katana at their side, and the kneeling one bears a pole surmounted by hanging plumes, and has a jingasa (soldier’s hat) hanging around his neck. Their eyes are inlaid with glass as well.

Considering the age, the dolls and the costumes are in a very good original condition with minimal traces of age and wear. Dragon meadate restored. Please have a look at the photos for a clear condition reference.

Dimensions emperor:
Height 43 cm, Width 25 cm, Depth 21 cm.
Dimensions standing retainer:
Height 37 cm, Width 21.5 cm, Depth 10 cm.
Dimensions kneeling retainer (without pole):
Height 30 cm, Width 22.5 cm, Depth 17.5 cm.

Period: Japan – Meiji period (1868-1912).

Musha ningyô were displayed during Boy’s day. May 5 marks tango no sekku, which in Japan is also known as Boys’ Day. In Japan, the focus of tango no sekku was traditionally on male children, with decorations and specially prepared dishes intended to ensure that sons grew into healthy and prosperous adults. The emphasis broadened to include both boys and girls when the day was adopted as the national holiday Children’s Day in 1948. (From Nippon.com)

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : B3037


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