Set of 3 Edo period Samurai yoroi artefacts

Price:  1.100,00

A set of 3 Edo period Samurai yoroi artefacts consisting of a painted sheet metal helmet (kabuto) including its neck protection executed with chain mail.

Dimensions Height: 16 cm; Width: 21 cm; Depth: 22 cm.A very heavy chain mail jacket, backed with green dark-green-blue boro cotton.

Dimensions approx.: Height: 57 cm; Width (when folded out): 121 cm.

And a haidate (complete with left and right side stichted together), also executed in heavy chain mail.

Dimensions approx. : Height: 59 cm; Total width: 58 cm (2 x 29 cm).Some parts of the chain mails are missing or loose.

Excluding wooden stand and wooden box.

Weight total: 6.7 kg.
A very nice ensemble of old original Samurai artefacts.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 201290


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