Late Edo-period yoroi

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Striking, restored, late Edo-period yoroi (samurai outfit) – approximately 200 years old. It has the following specifics:
An exceptional Kabuto (Helmet): Suji’bachi model of 18 metal plates, lacquered dark brown with a “silver” part in front and back, and an impressive black lacquered wood and metal centipede-shape maedate (decorative front piece), four-layered copper tehen kanamono and arrow-shaped shinodare, gold lacquered iron back-bending fukigaeshi and mabesashi (visor) partly covered with decorated ‘smoked leather’. Shikoro of three layers of gold lacquered iron plates and kiritsuke kozane, hishi-nui odoshi of three colours (black, multi-coloured and orange), and an orange agemaki (decorative tassel).

Iron menpô (nose-mouth & chin protection piece) of ressei type, the teeth lacquered gold, the upper lip with white moustache and upper lip lacquered red, yodarekake of four layers with gold lacquer kiritsuke kozane and black odoshi. A ressei type mask can be described as ‘angry man’-facial mask (resseibô).

Dô (cuirass): tatehagi okegawa type with ten iron plates and attached kusazuri with black sugake odoshi and gold-coloured plates, on the back various fittings to place a flag (sagemono): gattari, machi’uke and uke’tsubo.

The shoulder armour (sode) of tôsei type and five gold lacquer layers. Haidate (upper-leg armour) of karutagane type, iron plates joined by kaushi-gusari (Japanese mail). The sanmai’tsutsu-type kote (armoured sleeves) and shino-type suneate (greaves) over an silver brocade silk with scrolling foliage design.

Red lacquered wooden chest with iron mount. The front of the store-box decorated with the character mae 前 (“in front”) in gold. The Kanji “Mae” meaning “the first”; in other words: “I, who has priority above others”.

Considering its age in a very good restored condition with some very light general traces of age. For a clear condition reference, please take a close look at the photos.

Height with box: approx.: 160 cm.
Period: Japan – Late Edo period (First half 19th century).

We include a wooden stand and an explanation how to put this armour on display.
When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : 212868-N2480


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