Thirty two-plate zenshozan’nari suji’kabuto

Price:  3.800,00

Old and outstanding iron thirty two-plate zenshozan’nari suji’kabuto 筋兜 (ridged helmet) with back bending fukikaeshi 吹返し (face guard) decorated with crest depicting a single arched comma 一つ巴 (hitotsu tomoe). It has four neck guards 錣 (shikoro) laced with dark blue silk cords 濃紺絲 (nôkon’ito) and with multi-coloured hems色々裾 (iroiro’suso).
Its overall shape is known as zenshozan, which could be translated as “Fore-peak mountain” 前勝山, pointing the fact that the front of the helmet lies a bit higher than the back.
The mabi’sashi 眉庇 (visor) in front finished with a rounded edge. The hachimanza 八幡座 (small opening on top) is in the shape of a chrysanthemum flower 菊 (kiku). The back with a small chrysanthemum-shaped ‘kasa jirushi no kan’ 笠標の鐶 (ring for securing a helmet flag).

The front with a detailed shishi-shaped 獅子 (temple lion) maedate 前立て (decoration piece). Covered with shiny gold leaf, some red lacquer and featured with tufts of real white hair.
The helmet has orange/crème silk chin cords 忍びの緒 (shinobi-no-o) (worn).

The helmet is in a very good original condition with some traces of age and wear, and with a beautiful patina. A great feature as this helmets dates from the Edo period (1600-1868), which makes that it is at least 150 years old. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

Approx. sizes with hanging neck guards:
Height 30 cm, Width 36 cm, Depth 36 cm.
Size maedate:
Height 9 cm, Width 7 cm, Depth 3 cm.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : B1227-92474


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