Lacquered suji’bachi kabuto 兜

Price:  11.000,00

An old and exceptional completely lacquered suji’bachi kabuto 兜 (helmet) with a gilded metal maedate (decorative front piece) of a golden full moon above some open work clouds flanked by elegant kuwagata-antlers. The dark clouds with some hammered swirls. Mounted on two supports.

The 62-plate black lacquered iron bowl finished by gold lacquer rims and mounted at the top with an elaborate raised six-tiered tehen kanamono (top fixture) in gilt metal and shakudo. The black lacquer mabizashi (visor) decorated with elegant swirling clouds painted in gold lacquer. The four-lame ‘kiritsuke kozane’-plate shikoro (neck guard) lacquered black as well with gold lacquered edges on top, and laced by dark blue silk cords.
The small fukigaeshi with gilt metal crests 紋 (mon) depicting an inverted dharma chakra wheel 輪宝 (rinbô) in a circle.

Seen its age it is in a good condition with traces of wear consistent with age, like lacquer loss along the edges and some wear to the lining as seen on the photos. The maedate with some minor oxidation. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

Approx. Size:
Height 35 cm, Width 34 cm, Depth 33 cm.
Weight 2.3 kg.

Period: Japan – 18th century (Edo period)

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.
Price including insured shipping.

Ref. No. : B2783-1d


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