Kabuto – helmet with ridges

Price:  3.800,00

An antique, striking suji’bachi kabuto (helmet with ridges) completely executed in black lacquer finished with gold lacquer accents. Mounted by an impressive gold-leaf lacquered wooden maedate (fore crest) shaped like a pointy oak leaf.

The 8-plate bowl surmounted by a high 5-tiered mixed-metal tehen’no’kanamono (decorative apex fitting). Flanked by a pair of small upright fukigaeshi (face guards). The long, curved four-lame ‘kiritsuke kozane’-plate shikoro (neck guard) laced with navy blue silk cords.

Approx. Size:
Height 40 cm, Width 32 cm, Depth 29 cm.
Length maedate 33 cm, Width 11.5 cm.
Weight 1,7 kg.

Period: Japan – 19th century (Late Edo period/Meiji period).

Considering its age in a very good condition with some traces of wear conform age. An old restoration on the maedate. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : C2238 bg24


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