Jingasa with mon

Price:  250,00

Black lacquered steel jingasa 陣笠 (ancient soldier’s hat) of the ensui 円錐 (conical) type. The front and back with a gold lacquer family crest 紋 (mon) depicting a horse bit 轡 (kutsuwa). The battle hat is designed with a protruding rim and an upward-bending visor for added protection.

Approx. size:
Height 17.5 cm, Diameter 33.5 cm.
Period: Japan – Shôwa period (1926-1989).

In a good original condition with traces of wear consistent with age, like some minor lacquer loss from the point, and visor with dents. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

Including separate head cushion.

The Ensui Jingasa, a conical battle hat, became popular among Ashigaru foot soldiers from the late Sengoku Jidai to the early Edo Era. Initially crafted from materials like wood, leather, iron, and steel, they retained their conical design, effectively deflecting blows. These hats were commonly black with gold-painted clan or unit crests (mon) for easy recognition from afar.

Ref. No. : C1069 3-3


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