Exceptional Kabuto-helmet with bleached horse-tail hair

Price:  2.200,00

Kabuto-helmet completely decorated with bleached horse-tail hair (sōgō), the fukikaeshi  have a 3-5-3 paulownia inside a square well crest (hiraidō ni sangokiri mon) and in front combined kuwagata-antlers in the shape of raging waves and an open ōgi-folding fan of gilded sheet-metal.

The fukikaeshi and the sun-shade are decorated with smoked leather. With two black lacquered neck-guards (shikoro) with blue cords.

In a box from the period.

Edo Period.

Size; approx. 20 cm; W. ; 43 cm

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 81023


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