Bajô jingaza

Price:  450,00

Unique bajô jingaza 馬上陣笠 (horseback samurai hat) covered with black fur, probably boar or bear, and with a red lacquered inside with intricate golden details.

The top completely covered by rows of animal fur, as stated before, we assume bear or boar fur. The top of the hat crowned by a simple round metal stud.

The entire rim of the jingasa is lacquered in gold with some red hues shining through.

The red lacquered inside of the jingasa decorated by an irregular pattern of gold foil stripes and specks.

The lacquer on the rim of the jingasa chipped on several places, and one of the (originally) 7 eyes on the inside is missing. (See photo’s). Considering it’s age, it is still a piece that has withstood the time well, and is very unique in its kind.

Edo Period (1600-1868).

Size: H. : 14.4 cm W. : 30.9 cm D. : 34.7 cm

Jingasa (“war hat”): a type of hat commonly worn by samurai and ashigaru (foot soldiers) (From Wikipedia).

Ref. No. : N2451


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