Gold lacquer metal suit-of-armour (ô’yoroi)

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An all-matching, very old, striking and restored Japanese gold lacquer metal ‘great suit-of-armour’ (ô’yoroi) with orange and multi-coloured cords and orange hems, and a two-piece cuirass (kin’urushinuri iroiro’ito hi’suso nimaidô tôsei gusoku).

The yoroi has an iron thirty-two-plate suji’bachi kabuto-helmet. In front a pair of brass kuwagata-antlers with in the middle a circular maedate with a crest (mon) depicting a four-petal flower in a circle 丸に花角 (maruni harukaku).
The helmet has a 5-tiered chrysanthemum-shaped copper tehen’no’kanamono (decorative apex fitting), four gold lacquered ‘kiritsuke kozane’-plate laced neck-guards (shikoro), an orange silk decorative tassel and large back-bending fukikaeshi covered with decorative ‘smoked leather’ and appliques with the same crest.

Accompanying the helmet, is a russet-iron menpô (armour mask) devoid of wrinkles but with sharp jawlines. It has a detachable nose, a pair of otayori (cord securing spike), and an ‘ase nagashi no ana’ (sweat running hole). Below the mask a laced five-lame black lacquered gorget (yodarekake).

Protecting the shoulders is a six-piece gold lacquered ‘kiritsuke kozane’-plate ô’sode with from the sides orange silk cords with tassels.

The arms are protected by various golden lacquered pieces connected by Japanese mail, some of these pieces are in the shape of bottle gourds, hence this type of sleeve armour is called hisago’kote 瓠籠手 (bottle gourd bracer). The elbow’s protective plate is in the shape of a chrysanthemum flower, and the hand guards (tekko) are decorated with various flower-emblems in relief. This whole is placed over a navy blue brocade silk with a flower and cloud design.

The two-piece bucket shaped cuirass with horizontal gold lacquer kiritsuke kozane-plates (kiritsuke kozane nimai’dô) laced with orange cords and bordered by decorative ‘smoked leather’. The back with a ring holding a very large orange silk agemaki (decorative tassel). From the shoulders down hang a matching set of a sendannoita (‘satinwood-board’) and a kyûbinoita (dovetail-board).
From the cuirass hangs a copper oval ring and a laced skirt in seven-parts of five-piece kusazuri. One kiritsuke kozane-plate is lacquered silver instead of the gold of the others.

The thigh armour (haidate) that protect the upper legs consists of a large piece of dark golden brocade silk with a floral design (restoration of later date) bordered by decorative ‘smoked leather’. Each leg-part with a broad gold lacquer kiritsuke kozane-plate converting in three smaller laced strands of three-lames.

The tube-shaped suneate that protect the lower legs have vertical gold lacquer metal pieces connected by Japanese mail (shino’suneate) placed over the same silk as the kote.

With a pair of  slightly arched square dark brown lacquered store-boxes for a suit-of armour (yoroi’bako) with iron ‘pole carrying’-handles. Protected by a black leather cover decorated with the same golden flower crest.

Height with box: approx.: 160 cm.
Period: Japan – Second half 18th century – Edo period.

Considering its age in a very good restored condition with some general traces of age and wear. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

We include a wooden stand and an explanation how to put this armour on display. When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : B2787


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