Festival support for a flag

Price:  3.200,00

Rare museum-worthy lacquered wooden festival support for a flag. In feudal Japan this kind of supports sat on the back of a horse or ox during processions. It is used as a decorative element during a rice planting ceremony/festival in Kyûshû.

The object is executed in red lacquered wood, the outer sides with extensive mother-of-pearl inlay-work (raden).
In the centre a bronze plaque with a “mon” (family crest) depicting four square-eyes in a circle (Maruni Sumitate Yotsu Meyui). These squares represent a concept of tie-dying.
The significance of the crest is related primarily to the ancestors of the Okuyama family. The Okuyama family are descendants of the famous Genji clan (also called Minamoto).

At the base are two storage compartments, the lids decorated with a gilded lattice work. The support is reinforced by copper (shakudô) on top, base and sides.

In a very nice original condition with general traces of age and wear. Please look at the photos for a clear condition reference.

Height 56.5 cm, Width 66.5 cm, Depth 24.2 cm.

Period: Japan – Late Edo period/Early Meiji period (19th century)

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.
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Ref. No. : T2200-1d


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