Edo period Yoroi

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Very nice, restored late Edo period yoroi – samurai outfit with the following specifics: Helmet – Kabuto: high quality 62-plate suji bachi, iron, lacquered black, three-layered tehen kanamono, four-layered shikoro with kiritsuke kozane, odoshi blue, iron mabesashi and fukigaeshi, lacquered black, wooden maedate in shape of two horns lacquered gold.

Iron menpo (nose-mouth & chin protection piece)of ressei type, lacquered black, the teeth lacquered gold, the upper lip with moustache and upper lip lacquered red, yodarekake of four layers with kiritsuke kozane and blue odoshi. A ressei type mask can be described as ‘angry man’-facial mask (resseibô).

Do (large breast piece) of nimai’do type with kiritsuke kozane, light beige odoshi, attached kusasuri, haidate with kaushi-gusari, gold-lacquered sode, shino gote and suneate with kaushi-gusari.
Wooden chest with iron mount.

Considering its age in a very good restored condition with some very light general traces of age. Please take a close look at the photo of the gold lacquered wooden maedate (front helmet piece.) There is a sign of old restauration in the middle. For a clear condition reference, please look at the photos as well.

Height with box: approx.: 160 cm.
Late Edo period. – First half 19th century
We include a wooden stand and an explanation how to put this armour on display. When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : 212869


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