Teakettle and brazier “chagama and furo”

Price:  380,00

Heavy & great cast iron chagama 茶釜 (iron tea kettle) and dome-shaped bronze furo 風炉 (portable brazier to boil water for tea).

The chagama completed with a bronze lid with an open kiku-shaped 菊 (chrysanthemum) knob. On the sides there are two subtle stylized dragon-shaped open ears with a pair of ‘kan’ 鐶 (open spirals of heavy metal wire twisted into a kettle and used to lift it).

The kettle part is resting on the rim of the stove, carried by three tall tapered feet. This rim is decorated with a lovely open worked design of dots and petals. The furo has two openings, which are positioned opposite of each other, both in the shape of a Buddhist flame. The furo has a nice warm brown patina.
Standing on an Ao-Oribe’ware stoneware tile with a typical green dripping glaze.

The chagama and furo are in a very good condition with only minor traces of age and wear. Please look at the photos for a condition reference. The kettle has been tested to see if it leaks, but there no leakage.

Approx. size:
Together: height 36.5 cm
Kama: height 16.5 cm, diameter 21 cm
Furo: height 30 cm, diameter 22.5 cm
Tile: length & width 21.2 cm
Total weight Chagama: 9.6 kg

Chagama is a Japanese term meaning metal pot or kettle used in Japanese tea ceremony. In the tea room, the kama is either heated over a portable brazier or in a sunken hearth (ro) built into the floor of the tea room, depending on the season. The furo (portable brazier) is used during spring and summer. On the edge of a Furo a fire window or cut-out opening provides the necessary draft to keep the sumi burning properly. (From Wikipedia).

Ref. No. : B4319


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