Lacquered solid wooden Go-game table 碁盤 (goban) complete with go-stones

Price:  2.800,00

Fantastic very rare lacquered solid wooden Go-game table 碁盤 (goban) complete with go-stones 碁石 (go-ishi).

The sides of the broad top of the gaming table is rendered with shiny black lacquer decorated with golden hiramaki-e 平蒔絵 (low-relief lacquer design) depicting hawks 鷹 (taka) perched on a pine tree branch 松 (matsu) overviewing a vast hilly landscape. Raised by faceted baluster feet finished with black lacquer as well.

The boxes of the stones are made of precious Keyaki wood (Zelkova – “Japanese oak”) in a light brown hue. The white go-stones are made from the bivalve shell hamaguri 蛤 cockles, and the black ones are from Nachiguroishi, it is a fine type of slate from Kumano in the province of Mie.

The table is in a very good original condition with some traces of use and wear conform age, like a small dent of a corner and few superficial scratches. Only a few of the go-stones have traces of usage, which is quite common. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

Period: Japan – Shôwa period (1926-1989).

Size Go-table:
Height 30.1 cm, Width 45.2 cm, Depth 42 cm, top thickness 17.5 cm.
Weight 14.9 kg.

Size of the two boxes of the go-stones:
Height 10 cm, Diameter 13.5 cm.

Size black stones:
Height 0.9 cm, Diameter 2.2 cm.
Size white stones:
Height 0.9 cm, Diameter 2.1 cm.

Go, also known as “Igo” or “Baduk,” is a strategic board game originating from ancient China but widely popularized in Japan. Played on a grid board, the objective is to surround and capture the opponent’s stones by strategic placement and movement. Go is renowned for its simple rules but complex gameplay, involving deep strategic thinking, spatial awareness, and intuition. With a profound cultural significance, it has been embraced as an art form and a means of personal growth. Go is celebrated for its elegance, aesthetic appeal, and emphasis on harmony, making it a cherished and enduring game in Japanese culture.

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