Lacquered kabuto Edo period

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An old and exceptional completely lacquered akoda-nari suji’bachi kabuto (helmet with raised ridges) with a bronze maedate (decorative front piece) shaped like a spade, and mounted by impressively large black lacquer wakidate (side decoration) in the shape of stylized antlers.

The 62-plate black lacquered iron bowl of the akoda-nari type. A name given due to its resemblance to the akoda, a squash-like fruit.
On top a bronze and copper six-tiered tehen’no’kanamono (decorative apex fitting), the black lacquered visor (mabizashi) flanked by a pair of small gold lacquered fukigaeshi (face guards) fitted with appliques shaped like a crest depicting the kanji of the family name ‘Katô’ surrounded by arched wisteria 加藤藤紋 (Katô’fuji’mon).
The four-lame ‘kiritsuke kozane’-plate shikoro (neck guard) lacquered gold and laced with blue silk cords.

Seen its age it is in a very good condition with traces of wear consistent with age, like lacquer loss along the edges. The maedate with some minor oxidation. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.
Edo Period (1600-1868)
Approx. Size:
Height excl. antlers 27 cm, Height incl. antlers 71 cm, Width 36 cm, Depth 32 cm.
Length antler: 57.4 cm.
Weight 2.3 kg.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.
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Ref. No. : B4398-1d bg24


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