Ikebana basket by Watanabe Shôchikusai 渡辺勝竹斎

Price:  450,00

A large and sculptural ikebana basket with an interesting cross weave pattern of wide lacquered bamboo strips.
The basket has an asymmetrical natural branch which serves as a handle.
Included is a piece of thick cut bamboo that acts as a vessel for Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging).
The inner vessel has a beautiful patina, see pictures.
Signed by the artist Watanabe Shôchikusai 渡辺勝竹斎 (?-2014) on the bottom ‘Shôchikusai’ 勝竹斎.
Shōwa period (1926-1989).

Size : H. : 40 cm Dia 49 cm.
In nice cleaned and waxed condition with an appealing patina.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : 211152sp


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