5 Natsume teacaddy

Price:  550,00

Set of 5 natsume teacaddy in 5 descending sizes, all decorated in goldleaf laquer with famous Tokugawa family crest (mon). In very good condition. It is rare to find a set of five natsume like this with the same family crests.
The Tokugawa (徳 川) were a dynasty of shoguns who gave their name to the Tokugawa shogunate (徳 川 幕府; Tokugawa bakufu or Edo bakufu).

Taisho, Showa-period.

Natsume 1 H.: 82 mm Dia.: 75 mm
Natsume 2 H.: 72 mm Dia.: 74 mm
Natsume 3 H.: 70 mm Dia.: 66 mm
Natsume 4 H.: 60 mm Dia.: 62 mm
Natsume 5 H.: 55 mm Dia.: 58 mm

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 93107


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