Set of 2 sake kettles

Price:  650,00

Set of 2 very nice cast iron sake kettles from the late Edo period in their original box. Recognizable by their flat sprouts, these have brass hand handles with engraved dragon motives. The top parts are decorated with eleven embossed roundels. On the body another 16 roundels on each kettle. One handle has a missing pinacle thats fixes the handle to the body. Now “repaired” with a piece of iron wire. The beautiful two lids are made with cloisonnee with copper inlay motive of kiku flowers. Some very small losses in the cloissonnee. The small nicely detailed knobs to lift off the lid are executed in Chrysanthemum shape. The kettles have been tested for water leakage. There is no leakage.

Late Edo period.

Size; H. : 19.2 cm W. :23.8 cm D. : 16.2 cm

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 93497


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