Incense clock “Jokoban”

Price:  750,00

Very rare incense clock “Jokoban”. The rotating square top is raised on a square stand. The top has a detachable grille. It has an incense template (koin), a comb and a tamper. The stand and top are decorated with black-lacquered borders while the base has a calligraphy: “an auspicious day in June of the year Kaei 3 “(1850). There are some dents and some minor wear as expected but overall in very nice original condition with a nice patina.
The trail of incense was laid down using the template and the burning of the incense marked the passage of time. Used in temples and households, this method of keeping track of time was originally developed in India and spread via China to Japan. Because the burning-time of the incense also depends on external factors such as humidity, this method of time-keeping is not the most accurate, yet extremely charming and a real collectors item. It is important that it still has its original necessary artifacts (see last picture). Made of black lacquered hinoki cypress wood and keyaki – zelkova panels with a nice grain.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Size H. : 35,5 cm W. :  31,5 cm. D. : 31,5 cm

Shipping and handling not included.

For extra information: https://wadokei.org/wadokei-types/koban-dokei/

Ref. No. : 202317X


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