Lacquered tables (zen)

Price:  250,00

Lacquered tables (zen) with rounded corners on four feet. High quality lacquer, partly in relief, depicting a biwa in its “textile”cover (classical Japanese musical instrument), with a plectrum, cords and some cherry blossoms in gold high relief makie-lacquer on sprinkled gold background.
The biwa is a Japanese short necked lute, often used in narrative storytelling. The biwa is the chosen instrument of Benten, goddess of music, eloquence, poetry, and education in Japanese Buddhism. The biwa is a plucked string instrument that was first popular in China and then spread throughout East Asia (from Wikipedia). ca 1900-10s (Late Meiji / Early Taisho).
In very nice original condition.

Two pieces € 250,-

One piece €150.-

Ref. No. : 72293X


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