Lacquerware, unique set of 5 pieces

Price:  9.000,00

Absolutely unique “never seen before” set of 5 high quality lacquered objects decorated in goldleaf lacquer with one theme: sun and moon (day and night), beautiful skies and whirling clouds in raised gold maki-e and nashiji lacquer. The sun is red lacquered and the moon in silver inlay (not completely fixed). This set consist:

Suzuri bako (writing box – missing inkstone including silver waterdropper with moon design – L. 25,3 cm; W. 22 cm; H. 4,2 cm.

Ryoshibako (paperbox – L. 42,3 cm; W. 33,3 cm; H. 16 cm.

Bundai (low reading table – L. 35 cm; W. 59,2 cm; H. 12,3 cm.

Fubako (narrow box for handscrolls – makimono – L. 26,8 cm; W. 9,4 cm; H. 7 cm.

Tanzaku bako (poem or (love!) letter box – L. 38,7 cm; W. 8,2 cm; H. 5,2cm.

All the lacquer is in very nice original condition. Meiji periode (1868-1912).

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 93208


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